2021 Information

We hope you have weathered the past year as best possible. It has certainly been a challenging period on many fronts. Here at the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, we are navigating the path forward with the 49th annual event and how we can safely have riders back on the road (or trail) on Memorial Day weekend May 29th and 30th 2021.

Here is what we know and are planning for the 2021 IHBC


McDonalds Citizen's Tour and Coca Cola Road Race

We will have a scaled back version of the McDonalds Citizen’s Tour and Coca Cola Road race with regards to participant numbers compared to years past. How many participants is yet to be determined as the COVID regulations continue to change and fluctuate. Our hope is that by April 15 we will have better guidance for an overall number and can open registration.

2020 registrants will have priority for the 2021 event, but we may not be able to accommodate all that were registered in 2020 for the Road Race/Tour/KOM/QOM. We are developing a lottery process to select 2020 registrants who want to ride in 2021. If a 2020 registrant declines a spot in the 2021 event, we will move to the next person on the lottery list until we have satisfied as many as possible given the numbers we are allowed to have. For those who do not get selected or choose not to attend the 2021 event, they will receive priority for the 2022 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic which will be our 50th Anniversary. The discount we promised for the 2021 event based on the 2020 cancellation will be applied in all cases. Please be aware there is not an automatic rollover from 2020 to 2021. if you are selected for the 2021 event, you will have to complete the registration process.

At the time of registration, you will receive refund policy information if indeed we cancel or scale back the event as we get closer due to COVID challenges or other unforeseen circumstance. Please look for and read those details before you proceed with registration.

Quarter Horse Tour, MTB Race and La Strada La Plata Gravel Ride
The Quarter Horse Tour to Purgatory, Morehart Murphy Subaru MTB race and La Strada La Plata gravel ride will also be on the menu. Given the much smaller numbers of participants in these events we should be able to accommodate all riders who were registered in 2020. We will satisfy all 2020 registrants first and then if there is additional space we will open it to new registrants. Again, there is not an automatic rollover from 2020 to 2021 and you will have to complete the registration process when it becomes available, all discounts will apply.

For those planning to participate in the mountain bike race please be aware we will be moving the course away from the Downtown Durango area of years past and likely be using trails in the Horse Gulch trail system. We are working out those course details currently.

Virtual Iron Horse Race - New Offering!
We will be offering a virtual Iron Horse Bicycle Classic route and race via RGT/Echelon Racing League on May 29th. We are excited about this addition to our event and will have more information over the course of the spring.

What is different about the 2021 IHBC?

Given the strict COVID guidelines we will not be able to offer the following for the 2021 IHBC
• Return transportation from Silverton
• Sprite Kids race/Kids Village
• Cruiser Crit
• Any level of festival or expo offerings.
• Veterans Train to Silverton
• Custom merchandise

COVID Guidelines during IHBC Events

All events for 2021 will require mask wearing at all venues. Riders will have to be masked at the start line of events, removing them 10 seconds before the start. At the finish line, masks will need to be put on once through the finish line. Given the strict distancing guidelines, the start of all events will be moved to a new location from years past and broken into waves and spaced out. There will be no mass starts. More details to come as we get closer.

We ask that family members and supporters/spectators refrain from coming to start and finish line locations of all events as we are making every effort to minimize crowds and gatherings. At the finish line in Silverton participants will be asked to disperse from Memorial Park and congregate in smaller groups away from the finish area. Silverton area restaurants will be open for business and we encourage participants to visit those businesses or plan to tailgate at your vehicle. Bottom line, we cannot have a large group gathering at the finish area and you will be asked to move along. Please understand, the COVID protocols from the State of Colorado require this to hold the event.

Aid stations along the route for the ride to Silverton and the gravel event will be grab and go. We cannot have aid station workers fill bottles, directly hand you items or have direct interaction. Also, we need to keep congregating at the aid stations to a minimum, grab what you need and pedal on. Plan ahead and carry critical supplies that you need.

We will share more COVID related guidelines/protocols when registration opens so you aware of what will be required.



Overview of 2021 IHBC

To summarize, we are planning a scaled back event for 2021. How many riders we will be able to accommodate is still under review, but 2020 registrants will have first right of refusal on available slots. Once 2020 registrants have utilized the option to register, we will open registration to the general public. There will be strict COVID protocols in place for all events.

Our plan is to open registration on April 15, and you will receive additional information via email prior to that date. Please understand the uncertainties that exist due to the COVID pandemic and events and the fact we are getting a later than usual start in the planning process. It will most likely result in alterations to our plans as we press forward.

Lastly, thank you for your interest and support of the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, 2020 provided challenges that we have not seen in our 48 years of holding events. We are excited to return to having cyclists taking part in events around Durango and Silverton on Memorial Day weekend marking 49 years!

For registration questions contact registration@ironhorsebicycleclassic.com
For general questions contact director@ironhorsebicycleclassic.com

The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Crew