Back in the day (early 1990’s) Chapman Hill in Durango is where Kings and Queens of Mountain Biking were crowned. We are celebrating 50 years and feel like we need to bring back the iconic Roostmaster and Dual Slalom under the lights. This will be an invite only event for top level athletes who will put their skills to the test for prize money, bragging rights, and to be part of the history of the event,

The Roostmaster

Back in the day was a made for TV cycling event that requires riders to climb steep and loose terrain, navigate the dual slalom course, fly over big jumps and generally just roost! You better have all the right tools in your toolbox to win this challenging event. More details to come!

The Dual Slalom

The Dual Slalom is for those that can really shred the turns with the utmost in momentum. Back in the day the crowds on Chapman Hill were in the thousands cheering on the racers. Time for that again! Heck, we will be racing under the lights before the winners are crowned, More details to come!


May 29, 2022 4:30pm

11-1pm – Open Dual Slalom practice. 

1-2pm- Seeding Runs.

2-3:30pm- Track Closed

4-6:00pm- Roost Master 

6-10pm- Dual Slalom 

               Men’s Round of 32 

               Women’s Round of 16

Men’s Round of 16

Junior Round of 8

Women’s Round of 8

Men’s Round of 8

Junior Semi Finals

Women’s Semi Finals

Men’s Semi Finals

Junior, Women’s, and Men’s Small Finals

Junior, Women’s, and Men’s Finals

Registration Information:

Invite only, if you are a female/male pro/top expert level rider please reach out for more entry info.

Important Information:

All registrations are final. If the event is cancelled due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, there will be no reimbursement, rollover, or postponement unless otherwise noted when completing online registration for the event.