• McDonald's Citizen Tour

    Durango to Silverton

  • Welcome to the 2015

    44'th Annual

    Iron Horse Bicycle Classic! - May 22-25 2015


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  • Durango Coca-Cola

    Road Race

    Join the tradition and enjoy 47 miles,
    6,700 ft of  total climbing, thin air,
    and fast descents.

  • Sprite Kids Race

    More smiles in four blocks than anywhere
    on earth. This event is all about fun!

  • Mountain Bike Specialists

    Cross Country

    It’s back, after a one year hiatus
    the unique and legendary
    Downtown MTB race is on!

  • McDonald's Citizen

    Tour to Silverton


    Citizens 50 mile tour from Durango to Silverton.
    This one started it all!


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Weather Updates:

Saturday May 23, 5:00 am forecast from OpenSnow: The Ride is on! Race day is upon us and everything looks to be in great shape weather-wise. No big changes compared to last night's forecast. Temperatures are currently in the upper 40s in Durango, upper 20s along the passes, and in the low 30's in Silverton. There are a few lingering showers but the skies will clear by 6am. The road surfaces are slightly wet but they will dry out when the sun comes up and gets higher in the sky later in the morning.We have a green light from the weather so let's go have some fun!

About The Iron Horse

Over 100 Years of Cycling in Durango

Over 100 Years of Cycling in DurangoThe Iron Horse Bicycle Classic was the brain child of Tom Mayer and his older brother Jim. Jim worked as a brakeman on the D & R G W railroad which had run the steam powered locomotive between Durango and Silverton since the 1880's. Tom was a young bicycle enthusiast who grew up alongside the tracks to Silverton.

Tom challenged Jim to a race to Silverton. As the train came by the house, the steam whistle screamed and Tom climbed on his trusty steel framed 10 speed and pedaled up over the rim of the old volcano and descended into the caldera to the mining town of Silverton.

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Take A Virtual Ride

Ride along with us as we take you through the entire 50 mile McDonalds Tour course from Durango to Silverton.